About Virsig
Virsig is a network-centric technology company and systems integrator that maintains a distinctive focus on bridging physical and logical security. We design, build, manage and maintain secure computer networks, particularly those that have a strong relationship to network IP controlled security devices. We supply, install and maintain related equipment, including surveillance cameras (PTZ, IR, thermal, etc.), entry/egress access control, sensors, laser detection devices, video management software and analytics, and other associated technologies.
What makes Virsig unique, is that Virsig leverages the strength of the IP Network—the backbone of any infrastructure or security system; this is accomplished from initial design to dynamic implementation, through analysis and testing, and subsequent monitoring.
As a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, information transport systems laden with associated peripherals (e.g. digital voice, data, video, sensory, imagery, etc.) are only as strong as the network they’re on. ​Virsig monitors these networks—large and small, ensuring information technology and business personnel have reliable and dependable 24 hour access to their information. By providing network performance monitoring for the customer, Virsig is in a position to respond early to any situations that may arise, and can potentially mitigate down-time or minimize IT issues.