Virsig Provides Electronic Security for National Golfing Venue, the 114th U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Point of contact: Shelomo Alfassa (718-819-6411)

NEW YORK, NY – (August 6, 2014) Virsig, LLC., a platinum performer in the national physical and electronic security industry, announced today that it deployed a technology security package for the 114th U.S. Women's Amateur Championship, the leading golf tournament in the United States for female amateur golfers. Organized by the United States Golf Association (USGA), this year the venue is being held at the prestigious Nassau County Country Club on Long Island. 

"The challenge of a public event is balancing security--the crowd needs to be able to move freely and feel comfortable, all the while the security requirements of the venue must be met," said Glenn Taylor, Executive Director of Virsig. The custom package Virsig brings to the venue is one including various types of high resolution surveillance cameras, recording servers, advanced video analytics software, and the availability for both local security and police to have mobile viewing of these cameras on their smart phones and iPads. Taylor added, "A well engineered surveillance system should help to detect, deter and defend a facility; it provides observation, reporting, and in the event of a man-made event--it can capture evidence."
"The challenge of a public event is balancing security--the crowd 
needs to be able to move freely and feel comfortable, all the while
he security requirements of the venue must be met..."

In their article 'Should Clubs Be Worried About Terrorism At Golf Tournaments?', Golf Club Management magazine discussed how previous national golfing venues have had extremely tight and precautionary security measures put into play. "In a world where terrorism exists, developing and implementing a security plan for a once-a-year sporting event, especially at a venue or tournament which draws a sizable audience is a tactical challenge, but one which is necessary," said Det. Paul Calandra, NYPD (Ret.), member of Virsig's Law Enforcement Advisory Team.

The 2014 Championship is being conducted August 1st through August 10th at the Nassau County Country Club in Glen Cove, NY, and is open to the public at no charge.


About Virsig: Virsig engineers and technicians are committed experts in both network and I.P. physical security solutions. Virsig’s core competencies include integrating modern technologies on-and-into a network environment, such as managed access control, perimeter protection, intrusion detection, biometrics, covert surveillance, situational awareness, and video analytics. The company provides assistance to law enforcement at the municipal, state and federal level, and has the expertise and experience to provide technical security assessments and services for local and national events.
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